Saturday September 03, 2016

VR Adoption Among Steam Users Has Crashed To A Halt

This kind of sucks to hearآ—I did finally get a VR headset yesterday and have to say that the experience lives up to the hype. I imagine that a lot of people are interested but are waiting for the second generation of devices before they jump in.

The number of new HTC Vive owners on Steam grew only 0.3 percent in July and was flat in August, according to a survey (via Reddit) of customers that use Valve’s distribution network. The Oculus Rift headset from the Facebook subsidiary saw similar stagnation of 0.3 percent in July and 0.1 percent in August. At this point, only 0.18 percent of Steam users own the Vive and only 0.10 percent own the Rift. And with lethargic sales, both of these high-end head-mounted displays are going to need a lot of help to catch on with audiences.