Saturday September 03, 2016

Sony Introduces $3,200 Gold-Plated Walkman

Someone at Sony must be hitting the crack pipe again. In case anyone thought their regular $1,200 high-resolution Walkman wasn’t costly enough, the company has debuted a gold version that costs nearly three times as much.

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Sony’s new Walkman is a portable media player with support for high-resolution audio playback, more than 30 hours of battery life, and 256GB of storage space for music. But a big part of the reason Sony thinks people will spend $3,200 on the NW-WM1Z is its design: the Walkman’s body is coated in gold. If the price seems a bit steep, there’s also a $1,200 NW-WM1A version with 128GB of storage and an aluminum case. Theoretically the difference in materials isn’t all about extravagance. Gold has a lower electronic resistance, which means the case could theoretically cause less audio distortion. But I’d be very impressed if you can tell the difference in sound quality between a $1,200 media player and a $3,200 model in a blind test.