Saturday September 03, 2016

How And Why You Should Invest In A Dash Cam

So let’s hear it about dash cams. I’ve been meaning to get one for the longest time now but haven’t settled on the right model yet, but I would love to hear what you’ve been using and if it has helped you in any incidents thus far.

آ…dash cam sales rose 9 percent this year (wholesale) and 7 percent in dollars. By 2017, dash cam sales could reach a total of $52 million, possibly even $90 million when combined with rear windshield or backup camera sales. Dash cams are unlike regular cameras or smartphones, because they're essentially protective devicesآ—you won't necessarily know if the car next to you is equipped with a dash cam, and you're not supposed to. You also may purchase a dash cam and never have to pull footage, and some users won't be able to justify buying a device that they install once and never "use." But the one time you find yourself in a driving predicament, a dash cam can provide invaluable information about a crash or incident you experienced on the road.