Thursday September 01, 2016

One In Two Users Click On Links From Unknown Senders

How does a virus spread so quickly? Why does malware and ransomware work? Because people in general are pretty damn stupid. A new study found that up to 56% of e-mail users clicked on links from strangers even though they knew the risks. Think about that for a minute. eek!

Most people know that e-mails and Facebook messages from unknown senders can contain dangerous links. However, many users still click on them آ– and Dr. Zinaida Benenson from FAU’s Chair of Computer Science 1 has investigated why. The results of the experiment were clear: up to 56 percent of e-mail recipients and around 40 percent of Facebook users clicked on a link from an unknown sender although they knew of the risks of their computer becoming infected with a virus. And the main reason? Curiosity.