Thursday September 01, 2016

Most Netflix Customers Would Be Willing To Pay More

Would you pay more for Netflix? I would, but not much more. Also, I sure as hell wouldn't tell Netflix that unless we all want to see it jacked up by another $3 a month. I have a feeling the next price hike will put us at $12.99 per month.

A new survey from Digitalsmiths of 3,114 adults in the U.S. and Canada found that 21% of Netflix customers would pay $16 or more per month for the streaming service. Here’s how that breaks down:

  • 8.4% were willing to pay $16-$19 per month

  • 6.5% would pay between $20-$23

  • 3% are cool with paying $24-$27

  • 1.7% could go as high as $28-$31

  • 1.4% got super crazy and said they’d be fine paying $32 or more

Another 39.1% didn’t go that high, but still said they’d fork over more cash than they do now and pay anywhere from $12 to $15 monthly. Netflix packages currently start at $10 per month.