Thursday September 01, 2016

AT&T Talks Smack On Google Fiber

Joan Marsh, AT&T’s Vice President of Federal Regulatory, took to the company blog today to talk trash on Google Fiber. AT&T took the opportunity to make fun of Google's recent problems rolling out service to the cities it has selected for Google Fiber. Here is an excerpt from the blog post:

Google Fiber will no doubt continue its broadband experiments, while coming up with excuses for its shortcomings and learning curves. It will also no doubt continue to seek favoritism from government at every level. Just last week Google Fiber threatened the Nashville City Council that it would stop its fiber build if an ordinance Google Fiber drafted wasn’t passed. Instead of playing by the same rules as everyone else building infrastructure, Google Fiber demands special treatment and indeed in some places is getting it, unfairly. Yet, Google Fiber still complains it’s too hardآ…and costs too muchآ…and takes too longآ… even as it’s reported that Google Fiber will now try to do all this with half its current workforce.