Monday August 29, 2016

I Got Scammed By A Silicon Valley Startup

While this is a very interesting story, you can't help but count every single time this person should have know she was getting screwed over. Also, there are a dozen listed "red flags" in the article. Would it take twelve red flags for you to walk away from a scam job? Especially after THIS one:

Around this time, Bruce and I were sharing personal concerns and he confided in me that he had let Michael borrow $50,000 from his personal savings. Did you read that? A startup employee gave his life savings to our CEO. He wasn’t the only one. Another biz dev team bro who was crashing on the CEO’s couch, Bobby, apparently lent Michael five figures too. In disbelief, I asked why he needed money when he has $2M already committed in the company. Bruce said that Michael had his offshore money tied up with the IRS because of unpaid taxes and essentially his assets were frozen until he went to court.