Sunday August 28, 2016

Princeton University Researchers Unveil 25-Core Piton Processor

This guy was built specifically for data centers. What is most commendable about this chip is how scalable it isآ—designs can be built that go from a dozen to several thousand cores, and the architecture enables thousands of chips to be connected into a single system containing millions of cores.

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It's called "Piton," named after the metal spikes rock climbers hammer into cracks or seams of mountainsides to anchor their position, and it's built after a scalable architecture that could boost processing speed while cutting back energy use. Piton represents several years of research and development by David Wentzlaff, a Princeton assistant professor of electrical engineering and associated faculty in the Department of Computer Science, and his students. It's also a rare thingآ—Wentzlaff says it's not often that a physical piece of hardware is created in an academic setting.