Saturday August 27, 2016

RIAA: Library Of Congress May Become Piracy Hub

The Copyright Office is considering mandatory deposit of electronic, online-only media (e.g., music tracks not available on disc and through streaming only), yet the RIAA is concerned that the library’s systems can be hacked, resulting in millions of records being leaked to the public and loss of revenue. I am not sure what the fuss is, since practically all commercial digital media inevitably gets leaked anyway.

According to the RIAA, there is a risk that content hosted by the Library may be exploited by pirates, who could copy the music and share it on various pirate sites. This could then crush the major record labels’ revenues. "It is well-established that the recorded music industry has been inundated with digital piracy," the RIAA writes. "If sound recordings available through the Library آ– whether on-premises or online آ– were managed in a way that patrons could use those recordings for uploading to pirate web sites and unlicensed streaming services or if the Library’s collection of sound recordings were made electronically available to the public at large, that could have a devastating impact on our member companies’ revenues."