Friday August 26, 2016

Western Digital SanDisk InfiniFlash Platform Adopted by SoftBank

Western Digitalآ® Corporation, a global storage technology and solutions leader, today announced that SoftBank Corp. has adopted the SanDiskآ® InfiniFlashآ™ all-flash storage platform for its software-defined storage solution. Previously, SoftBank was running an in-house traditional storage system combining hard disk drives (HDD) and solid state drives (SSD) for some of its applications. Today, SoftBank has built a new software-defined, multi-petabyte in-house system using the SanDisk InfiniFlash platform as its core storage engine for real-time data transaction applications, enabling the installation of software in general-purpose servers.

This has allowed SoftBank to integrate operations of complex systems, solve the problem of silos, and eliminate vendor-specific tasks, which has led to higher efficiency. With its scalability and high density, the new system is able to handle a soaring volume of data and has made it possible to reduce the number of racks by 75% and power consumption by up to 83% within the data center, compared to traditional dedicated storage. SoftBank selected the SanDisk InfiniFlash platform after considering compatibility with diverse software-defined storage solutions and costs through a proof-ofآ–concept process. This system is deployed by PS Solutions Corp. a leading provider of IT solutions and IT outsourcing.