Friday August 26, 2016

UberEats Drivers Are Revolting In London

UberEats couriers in London are complaining that they could earn less than the minimum living wage due to recent changes made in their rate of pay. Uber on the other hand says that the rate change is actually a pay increase.

Drivers now get paid آ£3.30 per delivery plus آ£1 per mile travelled, with Uber taking a 25 percent cut of that total. A bonus of آ£3 or آ£4 is then added depending on the day of the week and whether the delivery is during peak or off-peak hours. Before last weekend, though, that bonus reward was a flat آ£5. Uber says this was a "very generous" incentive offered to drivers while the customer base was growing. Now business has picked up, these incentives have been lowered.