Friday August 26, 2016

Sign Up To Watch AMD IFA Keynote On VR

Those of you interested in watching AMD's IFA keynote can sign up here. The keynote will be delivered by AMD CTO and SVP Mark Papermaster in Berlin, Germany on September 3rd.

Virtual Reality (VR) immerses us in an entirely computer generated world, enabling experiences beyond our wildest dreams, where we can see and do things unimaginable now. An increasing chorus of pundits predict VR will dramatically change the landscape of every industry, from healthcare to entertainment, education, fashion, and business. This new era will connect the world of our imagination, our senses and even our intuition. The fact VR is now possible is due to tremendous advancements in computer processing power, graphics and display technologies, and software development tools. This visionary keynote provides unique insights as to where The Immersive Computing Era may take usآ…today and tomorrow.