Thursday August 25, 2016

NVIDIA Gives Credit To Developer For Using Code In Ansel

It looks as though there has been a friendly resolution to the situation where NVIDIA was accused of using a modder's assets in Ansel. The mod author spoke to the lead developer of Ansel and the situation has been rectified. Here's a post from the Marty McFly Modding Facebook page:

News Image

Update and conclusion on the Ansel thing: I talked with some guys from Nvidia and especially the lead developer of Ansel, it's all sorted out. It was a result of some testing, basically leftover code; the next Ansel update will have some code removed and me credited, so it's all fine now. I have seen that someone posted this on reddit, probably in an attempt to start a sh*tstorm or something, don't do that. It's not a big thing really and Ansel is no commercial product so case closed then.