Saturday August 20, 2016

Tiny Device Makes Dirty Water Drinkable In Just 20 Minutes

Researchers have developed a tiny device that triggers the formation of chemicals that kill microbes in minutes. Apparently, it "really works," making it a great resource for areas troubled by environmental pollution.

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آ…a nanostructured device, about half the size of a postage stampآ…disinfects water much faster than the UV method by also making use of the visible part of the solar spectrum, which contains 50 percent of the sun’s energy. In experiments reported today in Nature Nanotechnology, sunlight falling on the little device triggered the formation of hydrogen peroxide and other disinfecting chemicals that killed more than 99.999 percent of bacteria in just 20 minutes. When their work was done the killer chemicals quickly dissipated, leaving pure water behind."Our device looks like a little rectangle of black glass. We just dropped it into the water and put everything under the sun, and the sun did all the work," said Chong Liu, lead author of the report.