Saturday August 20, 2016

Microsoft PowerShell Goes Open Source

PowerShell has been published under the MIT license, making it open source, and Linux and Mac ports are planned (with an alpha already available). While nobody knows when the final versions will drop, this development should strengthen PowerShell’s role as a "bridge technology" that helps devs port software and such.

The initial Linux support is for Ubuntu, CentOS and RedHat. "Others will follow," said Jeffrey Snover, a Microsoft technical fellow and creator of PowerShell, speaking to The Reg. "And we’re open-sourcing it. That’s the source code for PowerShell Windows, which is the version that runs on the full CLR, as well as the PowerShell Core." Another key announcement is that OpenSSH آ– for remote login using the SSH protocol آ– will be integrated into PowerShell. "We’re embedding it into the heart of PowerShell," said Snover. "We’re layering the PowerShell remoting protocol over OpenSSH, as a native transport. Customers will be able to choose the existing WinRM protocol or OpenSSH."