Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Saturday August 20, 2016

Konami Attempts Metal Gear Survive Damage Control

Is there anyone who didn’t roll their eyes when Konami premiered their new "Metal Gear" game? The Kojima-less follow-up to Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain is expected to combine stealth with co-op, but based on fan reaction, many will not even give it a chance.

He gives some flowery speak that amounts to little more than "it will be co-operative", and then goes on to assure that despite the nature of the trailer, the game will feature stealth as a major component of gameplay: "I know when you're watching the trailer it's all very action-packed and it doesn't really elicit that feeling, but there will be stealth and one of the really interesting things that we will be exploring and playing with is how stealth and co-op can actually co-exist." The only Metal Gear game to feature co-op thus far was Peace Walker, allowing up to four players to take on both main story and side-ops missions (pictured below).