Saturday August 20, 2016

DDR5 Memory Slated To Reach Computers In 2020

While DRAM is expected to be replaced by fancier technology such as phase-change memory, it will definitely hang around for at least the near future, as evidenced by the arrival of DDR5 by the end of the decade. The fifth iteration will be denser and consume less power.

Specifications for DDR5 memory will be released this year, and deployment of the DRAM will begin in 2020, according to a slide deck presented at the Intel Developer Forum this week. DDR5 DRAM will have many benefits: Users will be able to cram more memory into PCs, and applications will run faster. DDR5 memory will be denser than earlier DRAM, and also consume less power, which could extend battery life in laptops. PCs will need faster and denser memory for applications like virtual reality, and DDR5 will help, said Mike Howard, director of DRAM and memory at research firm IHS.