Saturday August 20, 2016

Corning Responds To Worrying Galaxy Note 7 Scratch Test Video

A Gorilla Glass 5 scratch test published this week put Corning’s latest effort on the Note 7 to the test, and results were disheartening. The company has officially responded, but many remain skeptical of whether GG5 is as good as advertised.

I spoke with two of Corning’s senior spokespeople, Jaymin Amin, Corning’s vp of technology, and Jon Pasansky, Corning’s business technical director for Gorilla Glass. For starters, and as you may have already guessed, concerns were raised about the reliability of the test itself. Amin noted, "the test that was conducted in the video is obviously not a bonafide industry test. It’s using Mohs hardness picks but it’s in an uncontrolled manner. We also don’t know a whole lot about what loads the person has used. Whether those loads are changing as he goes through the testing."