Thursday August 18, 2016

Searching for Advertising Dollars with GPUs

TV deals are where the big money is at in professional sports. This makes it crucial for companies advertising during broadcasts, and for sports franchises, to understand how much screen time brand logos get when they’re negotiating ad rates. Nervve Technologies, a Buffalo, New York-based startup, is changing the game of ad negotiation. Its GPU-powered technology allows teams to search hundreds of hours of video in a few minutes, instead of weeks or even months.

Nervve is a company more familiar to the FBI and CIA than the NBA and MLB. It established itself by selling its lightning-quick search capability to a variety of federal law enforcement agencies آ— "all three-letter agencies," says CEO Thomas Slowe, co-founder of Nervve, which counts In-Q-Tel, the investment arm of the CIA, among its investors.

These agencies are keenly interested in speeding up their efforts to comb through security footage, social media posts and still images. They need a fast and precise technology. Nervve’s technology can scan a data-rich image, say a satellite photo of Manhattan, quickly search for and find its target آ— perhaps a newspaper آ— and gather all relevant exposures for an analyst to quickly review, Slowe says.