Wednesday August 17, 2016

NVIDIA Calls Out Intel For Cheating In Benchmarks

Remember back in school when you heard someone yell "fight, fight" and then everyone ran around behind the cafeteria to watch two people slug it out? This story reminds me of that. I guess we all better head around to the back of the cafeteria cause I think I just saw NVIDIA take the kid gloves off. wink

In this case, it looks like Intel opted for the classic using-an-old-version-of-some-benchmarking-software manoeuvre. Intel claimed that a Xeon Phi system is 2.3 times faster at training a neural network than a comparable Maxwell GPU system; Nvidia says that if Intel used an up-to-date version of the benchmark (Caffe AlexNet), the Maxwell system is actually 30 percent faster. And of course, Maxwell is Nvidia's last-gen part; the company says a comparable Pascal-based system would be 90 percent faster.