Tuesday August 16, 2016

Tesla Model S Engulfed In Flames During Worst Test Drive Ever

Tesla sure knows how to do a test drive! Bring some hot dogs, marshmallows and beer to kick the party off right (please make sure the car has come to a complete stop and fully engulfed in flames before consuming any alcohol)! All joking aside, as fast as that thing went up, they should be thankful no one was hurt.

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The fire yesterday happened during a test drive in the south of France, with the test driver, his girlfriend, and a Tesla employee in the car. "We were going about 70 km/h (43 mph) on the Boulevard d’Aritxague in Bayonne, we heard a loud noise inside the car," he told local newspaper Sud-Ouest (our translation). "The [Tesla employee] told me to pull over. She wanted to call Tesla before continuing the test drive. The car was in flames within a minute," he told a reporter, and "destroyed within five minutes."