Tuesday August 16, 2016

Why New Games Are Always Garbage on PCs

I think what this lady was trying to say is "why CONSOLE PORTS are always garbage on PCs." The solution is simple, if you can't make a PC version...don't. Kinda makes you wonder how video games were ever made for the PC in the past?

The biggest issue is the difference between consoles and PC. There’s very little fragmentation in the console market. A developer producing a game for the PS4 and Xbox One has exactly three devices they need to consider while developing. Meanwhile a PC developer has to consider what version of Windows the gamer has, a long list of possible video cards and processors. There are thousandsآ—millionsآ—of variations and it’s really, really hard to account for them all. "There is no complete way of testing for every variation of PC, even with a proper QA setup.