Monday August 15, 2016

Tim Cook: Running Apple ‘Is Sort Of A Lonely Job’

Tim Cook sat down for an interview with the Washington Post and discussed a wide range of topics such as taxes, the ability to unlock iPhones and why Apple refuses to do it, its $3 billion purchase of Beats and why it's so lonely at the top.

Cook sat down with The Washington Post to discuss his first five years in one of Corporate America’s most glaring spotlights. In two sprawling and highly self-reflective interviews آ— one in his office and another by phone just before he left for vacation in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks آ— Cook described why the visibility of the job has been "shocking," how he’s learned to deal with the scrutiny, and who he’s turned to for advice at pivotal moments (Warren Buffett, on his decision to return cash to shareholders, and Anderson Cooper about publicly disclosing he is gay).