Monday August 15, 2016

NVIDIA CEO Delivers World’s First AI Supercomputer in a Box to OpenAI

The world’s leading non-profit artificial intelligence research team needs the world’s fastest AI system. That’s why NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang last week hand-delivered the world’s first AI supercomputer in a box آ— our NVIDIA DGX-1 آ— to OpenAI in San Francisco. "I thought it was incredibly appropriate that the world’s first supercomputer dedicated to artificial intelligence would go to the laboratory that was dedicated to open artificial intelligence," Huang said. OpenAI’s researchers will put the first production DGX-1 آ— packing 170 teraflops of computing power, equal to 250 conventional servers آ— to work on artificial intelligence’s toughest problems.

OpenAI’s team is working at the cutting-edge of a field that promises incredible advances. Imagine artificial personal assistants that can coordinate our digital lives and autonomous cars and robots that are accessible to everyone. Doing that will take technology with the computing power to keep up with OpenAI’s researchers. Building DGX-1 took 3,000 people working for three years, Huang explained. "So if this is the only one ever shipped, this project would cost $2 billion," he said.