Monday August 15, 2016

GPU-Powered Robot Wins Amazon Warehouse Challenge

Powerhouse teams from the U.S., Germany, Japan and elsewhere flew in to train, compete and prove themselves the best the world. They’re not competing in the quadrennial games in Rio de Janeiro, but the Amazon Picking Challenge, held this year at Robocup 2016 in Leipzig, Germany. Now in its second year, the event challenges autonomous robots to figure out how to pick and stow objects.

The competition marked a bellwether moment for GPU-powered deep learning in warehouse and factory automation, as it played an essential role in five of the 10 top ranking teams, including the top two finishers. Deep learning "neural nets played a big part in many teams’ approaches to object recognition this year, a significant change from last year," said Joey Durham, manager of Research and Advanced Development at Amazon Robotics.