Sunday August 14, 2016

Tesla Model S And X With 100 kWh Battery And "380 Miles Of Range" Approved

Tesla vehicles are getting their range extended considerably with the release of new battery packs. My research would suggest that 330 miles of range is more truthful than 380, however, since Europe’s calculation for ranges is more lenient than ours.

آ…news hints at an imminent release of three new versions of Tesla’s battery pack: 100D, P100D, and P100D with Ludicrous upgrade. A Dutch blogger found the reference to the new battery pack while looking through RDW’s open database. آ…the new 100D Model S is listed with a range of 613 km (~380 miles) on a single charge. Now of course, this is based the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), which is much more forgiving than the EPA rating and doesn’t really reflect real-world range. Though it’s safe to say that the 100D should easily bring the Model S range over 300 miles on a single charge. It should also bring the Model X range closer to 300 miles, up from 257 EPA-rated miles.