Saturday August 13, 2016

Nvidia Shield Tablet 2 Cancelled

The follow up to the Shield Tablet is no more. In a letter to the FCC, Nvidia has dismissed the product, citing "business reasons." One could assume that the tablet market was not as lucrative as the company had hoped. Those of you who are fans of the Shield Portable, however, should be happy to hear that the filing for that product is still active.

A few months ago, the Nvidia Shield Tablet 2 was spotted making the rounds in the FCC database. Usually, when a device lands at the FCC for official certification, that device is in the late stages of development and really close to an official unveiling and a subsequent launch. As it turns out, unfortunately, it looks like Nvidia has filed a dismissal letter with the FCC. The letter says that the device has been cancelled due to unnamed ‘business reasons’. One possible interpretation is that Nvidia’s first two gaming tablets, the original Shield Tablet and the upgraded Shield Tablet K1, didn’t sell very well and that this poor commercial performance has enticed the renowned chip maker to pull the plug on its third-gen Android slab.