Saturday August 13, 2016

North American Businesses Reluctant To Adopt Windows 10

In Microsoft’s defense, a lot of businesses are probably just too lazy to upgrade or have no real reason to. Windows 7 remains king, with 91 percent of machines evaluated for the study running that version, while five percent were still on Windows XP. Four percent were on Windows 8.

Based on an evaluation of more than 400,000 Windows-based computing devices between January and May this year, across 169 organizations in the US and Canada using the TechCheck asset management solution, the study reveals less than one percent were running Windows 10. It finds the vast majority of North American businesses adopted Windows 7 as the corporate platform-of-choice since moving away from Windows XP, and have yet to move in significant quantities to newer versions Windows 8 or 10. "It appears businesses are hesitant to take advantage of the various Windows 10 upgrades and, at least for now, are satisfied with Windows 7," says David Brisbois, Softchoice's senior manager of assessment and technology deployment services consulting.