Saturday August 13, 2016

Google Developing New OS "Fuschia"

Some sources say that Google’s new OS is their answer to folding Chrome into Android, while others say it will merely be a lightweight system meant for smart home or IoT devices. What we seem to know for sure is that it won’t be powered by Linux, unlike every other OS the company has built.

Why is Google quietly developing a brand new OS and kernel, with support for smartphones and PCs, possibly built with Material Design in mind? The most obvious guess, and the most exciting, is that Google hopes to one day replace Chrome OS and Android with Fuchsia. But perhaps Google will treat Fuchsia like Samsung treats Tizen OS; a lightweight OS used on hardware not suited for full-blown Android. Google’s collection of embedded hardware, such as the OnHub router and Google Home, is growing. Perhaps Fuchsia is only being developed for devices like these?