Thursday August 11, 2016

Google Fined $6.8M for Breaking Russian Antitrust Rules

How serious could this case be if the fine is $6.8 million? That's couch cushion money to Google. I'll bet Larry Page and Sergey Brin walk around with that kind of cash on them at all times. wink

Russia's antitrust body has slapped Google with a $6.8 million fine after ruling that the firm didn't do enough to open Android up to other companies. Officials believe that the search engine has abused its dominant position by crowding-out domestic rivals like Yandex, commonly known as Russia's Google. For instance, other firms aren't able to pre-load rivals apps for navigation or search on Android devices that are certified ready for Google Play. It's an accusation that Google denies and its representatives have already told the New York Times that it's reading the charges "closely."