Tuesday August 09, 2016

NVIDIA Powers ‘The International,’ the eSports Competition with the Biggest Prize Pool Ever

The International Dota 2 Championships is among the richest events in all of sports. At stake: more than $20 million in prize money آ— twice that of golf’s biggest tournaments. And more views than the World Series. So the technology better perform flawlessly, for players and fans alike. Which is why for the second year running, NVIDIA GeForce GTX gaming GPUs and G-SYNC technology are the official graphics hardware of The International, Valve’s gamer-funded Dota 2 world championships kicking off in Seattle, on August 8. Millions of fans will be watching.

The International is the highlight of an increasingly frenetic eSports season that is driving not only the PC industry, but new kinds of entertainment. This isn’t a regional phenomenon. People all over the world play the same games, and follow the same teams. These are NVIDIA’s core customers آ— and their appetite for gaming is insatiable. Three of the top streaming titles on Twitch are dedicated to PC gaming. Traditional television and sports networks are creating eSports programming.