Tuesday August 09, 2016

How The NVIDIA Indie Spotlight Fosters Independent Spirit of Gaming

If you have a few moments to spare this afternoon, I recommend reading this blog post outlining NVIDIA's Indie Spotlight Program. The company is kicking off the program by offering a couple indie games for free with a hardware upgrade. I've embedded the launch trailer for one of those games, Dead by Daylight, below:

At NVIDIA, content is king because great hardware needs great games. Great games sometimes seem to come from out of nowhere. But "nowhere" is actually a bevy of independent developers with a burning passion for games آ— a group we’re recognizing through the NVIDIA Indie Spotlight Program. It takes a special attitude to break from the big studios and pursue your passion. It takes brains, guts, creativity and drive. The same kind of attitude spurred three engineers to leave major semiconductor companies and start a company they called NVIDIA. We want to encourage that independent spirit.