Monday August 08, 2016

Day-One Patches Are The New Normal

I like how this person says that day one patches are the new normal and then tells you to "deal with it." Personally I think the reason we have insane 40GB day one patches is because, as consumers, we've put up with it instead of voting with our wallets. There is no reason for broken games at launch yet it happens all the time. It may be part of the "modern game development process" but it doesn't have to be. frown

A day-one patch is not a sign that the developers are trying to pull a fast one on players or that they snuck an unfinished game through certification. Sure, it seems like some games simply aren't done when they hit consoles -- we're looking at you, Assassin's Creed Unity -- and those are worthy of our ire, especially if we've just dropped $60 on a supposedly AAA experience. However, day-one patches on their own are not sinister. They're simply part of the modern game development process.