Sunday August 07, 2016

Microsoft Reduces Windows 10 Roll-Back Grace Period

PSA: If you decide that you hate Windows 10, you’ve only got 10 days instead of 30 now to roll back. This also applies to reverting to a previous build of Windows 10 for testers participating in the Insider program.

With last week's Anniversary Update, aka version 1607, the 30 days were reduced to 10. (Microsoft identifies its major upgrades using numerals representing year and month of the release.) Microsoft said that the behind-the-scenes change had been triggered by data gleaned from the voluminous telemetry it collects from Windows 10 devices. "Based on our user research, we noticed most users who choose to go back to a previous version of Windows do it within the first several days," a spokesman said in an email. "As such, we changed the setting to 10 days to free storage space used by previous copies."