Sunday August 07, 2016

Australia: Science And IT Students Struggle To Get Jobs Upon Graduation

While majoring in a science or IT major is probably still a better idea than, say, theater arts, a report out of Australia would suggest that prospects aren’t as ideal as some would hope. Blame is being placed on lackluster education programs, as the number of graduates and available IT positions are comparable.

In 2015 only half of bachelor degree science graduates seeking full-time work had found it four months after completing their degrees, 17% below the average for all graduates. "Although many recent science graduates struggle in the labour market, things improve over time," it said. "For 2011 bachelor degree science graduates, their full-time employment rate four months later was 65%, but three years later, in 2014, 82% of those who were looking for full-time work had found it. "While this is a considerable increase, it is below the 89% rate for all graduates."