Sunday August 07, 2016

Apple Should Stop Selling Four-Year-Old Computers

Does Apple even care about their computing line anymore? The answer must be a resounding "no," as the company is still selling years-old hardware for substantial change. Things must be really bad if pro-Mac sites proclaim that only one product out of seven is worth buying these days.

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The Retina MacBook Pro is 442 days into its current cycle, despite refreshes coming every 268 days on average in the past. The Mac mini has gone 657 days since its last update, which was controversial in itself since Apple removed quad-core options and made the product harder to upgrade after purchase. And the Mac Pro, released in December 2013 following much "Can’t innovate any more, my ass"-fueled fanfare? It hasn’t received a single update since then. "This is without a doubt the future of the pro desktop," Phil Schiller said when announcing the Mac Pro on stage that year. Did he mean that this was the precise model Apple expects professional users to use literally forever?