Saturday August 06, 2016

Pokأ©mon, Mario, And Zelda Headline NX "Dream" Line-Up

Let’s face it; the primary reason for owning a Nintendo system these days is for their first-party titles and staple franchises. The company seems to know this all too well, as they are reportedly ensuring that your favorite characters will be debuting shortly on the NX after its launch. This report also reveals that the new console will sit between the PS3 and PS4 in terms of power.

Nintendo is putting together a triple-A software line-up, to ensure NX flies out of the gate next year. Developer Game Freak will bring Pokأ©mon to the platform, while Nintendo’s first party titles include the previously announced Zelda game آ– Breath of the Wild آ– and a new Mario game. All three products are scheduled to appear within the first six months of the machine’s life. The firm has also been busy securing third-party support, with Sega, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Activision and Warner Bros already on-board.