Saturday August 06, 2016

Older Workers Are Better At Adapting To New Technology, Study Finds

Younger people are lazy, entitled, and whine about everythingآ—oh wait, it might actually be true. Out of 4,000 surveyed IT workers, one quarter of respondents 55 or older are bothered by tech in the workplace, but 36 percent of respondents 18 to 34آ—the ones who supposedly grew up with technologyآ—said they find tech in the workplace stressful.

"My hypothesis, which could be right or wrong, is when you look at a younger generation in the workforce, a lot of the folks in that category are used to using tech in their personal lives that's pretty darn good. And that raises the expectations of what tech can be in their professional lives," he says. "That said, when you look at the technologies broadly still in use in the workplace, they often don’t achieve that level of cleanliness and personability [of the technology] in our personal lives. So younger people will feel frustration at tools that are not up to snuff," Baesman says. In contrast, older people who have been working longer "have seen a lot worse," he adds, "so there may be more tolerance for tech that may not always be as good as it might be."