Wednesday August 03, 2016


Late last night I decided to pull down our MSI X99A XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM Review so that I could re-evaluate some of our conclusions and results that I published. MSI thinks we were a bit off base in some of our testing, so I have the motherboard, the DIMMs, the video card, and the CPU used by Dan coming back into me at my office to see if I can replicate his results. Dan had some issues with running at Intel stock speeds that I want to further look into. That all said, both of our Intel Core i7-6950X processors seem to have some degradation issues when it comes to overclocked speeds. A new 6950X is on its way into me as well so we can test on that front too.

I have removed this review for now as I think we did not do some due diligence on our end correctly and have possibly not reported what I would call a "solid" motherboard review. I am pulling all the equipment and parts back into my offices to further investigate this motherboard. Once I figure out what all is going on, I will report back, but at this time I think we are dealing with an equipment failure on our end, and it is not an MSI issue.

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