Tuesday August 02, 2016

HoloLens! Step Right Up! Get your HoloLens!

There is no doubt that Microsoft has shown off some tremendously exciting applications that can / could / should be achieved with its HoloLens product, and now you can get your own to develop with for a mere $3000. However, shipping is free. It has only been a few months since Microsoft got HoloLens hardware out to partners to develop with, and seeing them open this up to the "public" is probably a sign that this thing is working very well in a short period of time. Lots of videos to check out that give you a better look into what can be done with this headset.

Ship it - I understand HoloLens Development Edition is intended for developers - not consumers - and experiences are in English only. Additionally, I acknowledge there are no refunds available on the HoloLens Development edition.