Sunday July 31, 2016

Apollo Astronauts Dying Of Heart Disease At 4-5x The Rate Of Counterparts

Here is more bad news for would-be astronauts; ionizing radiation in deep space may greatly increase the chances of cardiovascular disease. While the study only queried 77 astronauts, experiments with mice suggest that radiation damages blood vessels, bringing about heart attacks and strokes.

آ…Delp and coauthors compared health data on 42 astronauts that had traveled into spaceآ—seven of which got past the magnetosphere and to the Moonآ—to the medical records of 35 astronauts that were grounded for their careers. The death rate from cardiovascular disease among the Apollo lunar astronauts was a whopping 43 percent, which is around four to five times the rate seen in the non-fliers and low-fliers (nine and 11 percent, respectively).