Saturday July 30, 2016

Samsung PM1633a SSD Now Available: $10K For 15TB, $6K For 7TB

One of the world’s most expensive commercial solid-state drives is now available for purchase. According to Samsung, the PM1633a has a sequential read performance up to 1200 MB/s and sequential write performance up to 900 MB/s using the SAS-12Gbps interface.

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Back in March, Samsung only began to ship its PM1633a to select clients. We suspect that these clients are those that run large cloud data centers, and require such drives to run their specific workloads. Now,the manufacturer has started to ship its flagship SAS SSD to a broader range of customers. For example, the Samsung PM1633a 15.36 TB drive (MZILS15THMLS) is now offered by CDW for $10,311.99 as well as by SHI for $9,690 on preorder. Both retailers ask to contact them for actual availability, depending on when stock is available (which is not surprising, given the price of the SSD as well as its very special positioning). In addition, CDW also offers the PM1633a 7.68 TB (MZILS7T6HMLS) drive for $5,729.99, which ships within 11آ–13 days.