Saturday July 30, 2016

Fixing Dead Pixels On Your PC Monitor Or Smartphone

Have any of you ever managed to actually revive or "unstick" a bad (dead/stuck) pixel? Both software (flashing the screen) and physical (applying pressure to the screen) "solutions" have never, ever worked for me, so I am really curious if this stuff is just wishful thinking.

The window will start flashing multiple colors very quickly (epileptics take care). Leave it on for half an hour or so, and then check the pixel again. Try this a few times to see if it works. This is the common method when attempting to resuscitate a pixel, and that’s actually a very apt word, because it’s not unlike a defibrillation. You’re essentially trying to shock the pixel back to life, into a proper response that will have it acting as it should. And like defibrillation, it’s a desperate move that may or may not work. It’s more likely to work on a stuck pixel that shows signs of life than a dead pixel which may stay unresponsive.