Friday July 29, 2016

Verizon Offers 'Tech Support Pro' For $10 More a Month

Attention Verizon customers! You can now get "Tech Support Pro" for only $10 a month! Don't want to cough up an extra $120 a year for good tech support? No problem, you can just stick with the crappy overseas customer service that is open between 9a - 5p, and has agonizing one hour hold times for FREE!

Verizon this week unveiled a new premium tech support option that will cover every connected device in the home -- for an additional $10 per month. According to the company's announcement, "Tech Support Pro" is now being offered to both DSL and FiOS customers, giving Verizon customers a 24/7 customer support line providing help on everything from your laptop to your smart refrigerator. The service costs $15 per month if you bundle it with the FiOS Quantum Router (which alone costs $10/month to rent).