Wednesday July 27, 2016

How To Get Your Photos Out Of Flickr

Whether or not this guy's prediction comes true or not, it's just a pretty good idea to know how to get all your images out of Flickr. Like most of you, the only thing I use Flickr for is to save all my goofy images I use in forum posts and the likes but its still a good idea to snag know, just in case.

Given that Yahoo has been losing money and Verizon (seriously, Verizon) picked up the company at a low-ball price, something has got to go. It could be Flickr. I doubt Verizon will dump your images, but you never know. None of us expected Google Reader to go away, but it did. As for Verizon and Flickr, here's my prediction: Flickr is an actively used brand, and Verizon is spending more and more of its energy selling phones that take pictures. So I would honestly be very surprised if you woke up one morning and found all your pictures gone.