Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Tuesday July 26, 2016

Marissa Mayer Could End Up With $219M

It's funny how the whole CEO thing works isn't it? If you were a bus driver and all you did was give your friends rides (hire friends, buy their companies) then crash the bus repeatedly until it is a broken down hulk that barely lumbers along, do you think that would translate into a big fat payday?

One thing's for sure: Mayer, a star recruit from Google when she took the helm in 2012, has been paid handsomely during her tenure at the company. And the number will only grow if she indeed eventually leaves after Yahoo changes hands. A new analysis by Equilar, the executive compensation research firm, attempted to tally up her paydays. It finds that Mayer could stand to receive total compensation valued at $218.9 million from her Yahoo tenure if she ultimately receives a severance payment as a result of the change in ownership.