Sunday July 24, 2016

Gears Of War 4's PC-Exclusive Features Detailed

Gears of War 4, which will be cross-playable between Windows 10 and Xbox One, is intended to be a "highly optimized, customizable" experience on the PC that will include unlocked framerate support on day one, 4K textures, and more. Sadly, it is still a Windows Store exclusive.

Rayner also listed "a few items of note" the team are adding to the PC version. In his own words: Dynamic resolution support (any resolution will be supported with a sensible dynamic field of view - including ultra-wide). Increased texture resolution (up to 4K resolution for select texture groups). A benchmark mode. Full keyboard/mouse input remapping (including cover/run and roll split). Far more comprehensive video settings. "Today we sit at 28 different settings and we're thinking of ways to add more for people to really have full control," Rayner tells us. "Along with more settings, we're putting extra time into making it clear what impact a setting will have on GPU/CPU/VRAM so there is a clear correlation between a setting change and its performance impact."