Sunday July 24, 2016

7 Reasons PC Gaming Is Not Too Hard

"PC Gaming Is Still Way Too Hard." That article had to have been bait, but PC Mag fell for it and came up with a list to remind everyone that building a system is, well, pretty easy. Maybe the older folks can tell me stories from back when PCs required real work.

Last week, Emanuel Maiberg of Vice made waves among some Internet circlesآ—all the ones in which I move, apparentlyآ—with a column for Motherboard titled "PC Gaming Is Still Way Too Hard." In it, he related his recent painful experience building a gaming PC from scratch and lamented that, despite being happy with the computer he ended up with, he still had to jump through ridiculous hoops in order to get there and play the games he wanted. Though I sympathize with Maiberg's troubles, he let his frustration get in the way of his common sense. Maiberg couldn't be more wrong about the state of PC building or PC gaming.