Saturday July 23, 2016

HTC To Partner With HP And Launch Vive-Branded PCs

In an effort to provide VR at more accessible price levels, HTC is reportedly acquiring PCs from HP and rebranding/bundling them with Vive systems. If you haven’t jumped into VR yet, is price the primary reason?

Despite HTC's efforts, some market watchers expect HTC Vive's sales to reach only 500,000-700,000 units in 2016, far lower than Sony PlayStation VR's forecasts of up to six million units and also weaker than Facebook Oculus Rift's one million units. The PlayStation VR will support the PlayStation 4 and will benefit from the game console's strong user base, while the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift both require high-specification PCs in order to work, relatively limiting their user base. By selling HTC Vive-branded PCs through its existing channels, HTC will be able to provide Vive-ready products directly to consumers.