Friday July 22, 2016

EFF Sues US Government To Void 'Onerous' Copyright Rules

The folks at the Electronic Frontier Foundation are taking on the government in an effort to overturn the Digital Millennium Copyright Act's ban on circumventing digital anti-piracy protections. I'm not sure how this case will come out but, if anyone can get it overturned, it's the EFF.

Section 1201 was originally enacted to combat piracy, but has instead has "served to restrict people's ability to access, use and even speak about copyrighted materials," the EFF says. It can inhibit, for example, a buyer's ability to repair their own device, remix music or video and study software installed in cars, computers and other devices. Firms often sue users even when they make "fair use" of content for things like satire or criticism, a practice that's full protected by free speech laws.